Warehouse Clearance Sale

We are overstocked and getting rid of our excess apparel inventory to make room for an exciting new program!

We have a large inventory of apparel goods, but in-stock remaining quantities and colors are limited.

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Mill Direct Apparel has the ideal gREen-CYCLED polyester and cotton shirt. Our gREen-CYCLED polo is an incredible line of “Responsi...

Growing Awareness of “eco-fibers”

According to a new report, there is a growing interest and awareness in 'eco-fibers' within the textile industry. Organic fibers have numerous advantages over the conventional synthetic cotton such as no use of pesticides or chemicals that saves the farmers as well as surroundings from chronic diseases, less resource consumption, more revenues for farmers, improved water utilization, and increased biodiversity. Owing to these qualities of the product, demand for organic fibers are expected to in...

Strategic Sourcing

MDI Sourcing - shirts

MDI has the textile supply options that can meet your unique manufacturing needs.

We provide extensive sourcing services and have resources in both domestic and overseas manufacturing textile markets. We have established strong relations with manufacturers and exporters in several countries, who are dedicated and experienced with high-quality textile and apparel manufacturing.

Healthcare Scrubs

Healthcare Scrubs
For hospitals and other healthcare organizations seeking an economical source for the supply and servicing of medical scrubs and tunics, Mill Direct can help you select the best uniforms for your facility needs - from scrub tops and pants, lab coats, housekeeping uniforms, and more. Your staff will always look  and feel  its best with our products. And healthcare uniforms provide easier identification of hospital or clinical personnel, which helps to promote patient and family trust along wit...